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Mamba Series Registry

Mamba Series Age & Skill Levels

What do Winners of the Championship Series Recieve

What is the Formula 24 Camp

The Gold Mamba Army Series was developed by Jewell Loyd Dubbed the “Gold Mamba” by Jewell’s mentor, the Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant.

Jewell wanted to develop a unique competitive tournament & camp series for high-level youth basketball teams and players in Grades 5th-12th. The Mamba Tournament Series is designed as a tournament structure with competitive league play. 

The introductory  Mamba Army Series will feature a series of three tournaments from April through June culminating into a  Championship Tournament on the weekend of June 6th-7th. To qualify for the Championship Tournament, teams need to participate in all three Series Tournaments. There will be new seedings for the championship series.

We encourage all teams to register here or connect with us through the contact page.  Those teams on the registry will receive updates our goal is to balance the schedule of the teams registered so that you will get games amongst all teams in your division.

Boys and girls 5th-8th grade. The series will have divisions for two skill levels intermediate and advanced. The Championship Tournament will include those divisions. Simply select your preferred division when you register we’ll schedule and track your results in that division.


Retail sponsorship package value of $5,000 per club & Mamba Army Membership Package

The Formula 24 Camp is an elite skill development camp for the top players in the Mamba Series. We will be hosting the Formula 24 Camp in August.

Are you Affiliated with the Mamba Cup

No. two separate organizers & events one Nike family & one goal for youth development

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